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Grand Canyon National Park in Winter

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

In February of this year, I visited the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon National Park for landscape photography. February, being in the Winter, is not the most popular time to visit this national park. For me it was an excellent time to visit since visitation is low and thus the prime viewing spots were not crowded and were easily accessible.

For the first few days that I was there, I would say that conditions were good, but not great, for nice landscapes. However, later in the week, the bad weather started to roll in! There was a heavy snowfall of 8-10 inches which provided great opportunities to capture the canyon blanketed in snow.

Grand Canyon view from Mather Point after a heavy winter snowfall

The heavy snow that covered the park made getting around a challenge as the park staff had their hands full in clearing the roads. After a few days the roads were passable, and I ventured out to Desert View, which is approximately 26 miles east of Canyon Village where I was staying. The image below was captured at Lipan Point on the way to Desert View.

Winter view of the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon from Lipan Point

One afternoon after deciding to visit Hopi Point, I was fortunate to be able to witness another winter storm front rolling in. The temperature was in the teens, with winds gusting 30-40 miles per hour. Although I was dressed for the conditions, it was challenging to keep the tripod mounted camera steady to capture the shots. I should also add that the viewpoint was very icy and I witnessed a few falls by some of the other (few) brave souls who happened to be there. In any event, I captured some dramatic images like the one below.

Approaching winter storm over the Grand Canyon in late afternoon light from Hopi Point

If you are able to go, I would highly recommend the Winter months as a great time to visit the Grand Canyon.

Your can click on the photos above for more information, or click here to see the entire gallery of Grand Canyon images

All images © Clarence Holmes

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