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Tarrytown Lighthouse

Tarrytown Lighthouse

Tarrytown Lighthouse

[June 2011 Update: I have been able to revisit the Tarrytown lighthouse and capture additional images on less hazy days than on the day of the original post.]

Today I visited the Tarrytown Lighthouse, located near the village of Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County, New York. It sits in the Hudson River just off shore from Kingsland Point Park, which is a Westchester County Park.

The lighthouse went into operation in 1883 and played a vital role in helping to safely guide traffic through this part of the Hudson River. It was finally decommissioned in 1961. Originally, the lighthouse was 400-500 yards offshore, but over time landfill closed the distance considerably. It now is closer to 50 feet off shore, and is accessed by a foot bridge from a path connecting with Kingsland Point Park. Much of the area between the shore and the lighthouse was occupied for over 80 years by a sprawling General Motors assembly plant, which closed in 1996, and has since been decommissioned and razed to the ground. The Tarrytown Lighthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is currently managed by the Westchester County Parks Department.

Photograph of Automobiles on the Frozen River, ca. 1912

Automobiles on the Frozen River, ca. 1912
(William J. Cannon/Westchester County Archives)

The weather for the day was warm for a November day, with temperatures in the 60s, and the forecast called for partly cloudy skies. The cloud cover turned out to be more hazy than was forecast, so the nice views of the New Jersey Palisades which I had envisioned were, for the most part, obscured.

The images captured while the sun was still high above the horizon reflect this haziness in the sky. An interesting observation was the appearance of concentric rainbow-like halos and “sun dogs” or parhelia around the sun, formed by the reflection of light through ice crystals in the atmosphere. The haziness provided some color to the sky in the late afternoon approaching sunset.

Scale Drawing for the Tarrytown Lighthouse

Scale Drawing for the Tarrytown Lighthouse, 1985
(A. Gismondi/Westchester County Archives)

Good shooting locations are along the shore of the river in Kingsland Point Park and, if the gate is open, along the path leading up to the lighthouse. Since these are mostly views looking south/southwest, in both morning and afternoon, the sun will be arcing in the sky behind the lighthouse. Other views are possible from the New Jersey side of the river or from ferries/boats/kayaks on the river.

Below are a few images taken from Kingsland Point Park and the path leading up to the lighthouse.

Tarrytown Lighthouse and footbridge connecting to shore, on the Hudson River near the village of Sleepy Hollow, New York.

The Tarrytown Lighthouse under a hazy sky near sunset. A sun dog (parhelion) is visible to the left of the lighthouse.

The Tarrytown Lighthouse with the Tappan Zee Bridge in the background.

The Tarrytown Lighthouse and Tappan Zee bridge during evening twilight with the Manhattan skyline in the distance.

Click on the photos above for more information, click the link in the caption to see all photos of the subject, or click here to see more images of lighthouses.

All images © Clarence Holmes (or attribution as noted in caption)

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