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Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) Images

Twelve-Spotted Skimmer

Twelve-Spotted Skimmer

The links on this page can be used to find dragonfly and damselfly images by family, scientific name (genus and species), or common English name. Clicking on any of the active links will display a list of thumbnail images of the available photos. Clicking on the thumbnail image will display detailed information for that image.

The names used are as per the Dragonfly Society of the Americas, last revised June 2011. Please contact me with any comments on, or corrections to, species identification.

Here are some specific behaviors or image categories of interest:

  • Flying – Dragonflies caught in-flight
  • Mating – Pairs of dragonflies or damselflies mating, in tandem, or in copula
  • Ovipositing – Female dragonflies or damselflies ovipositing or laying eggs
  • Obelisking – Dragonflies obelisking to help regulate body temperature
  • Eating – Dragonflies or damselflies eating or with prey
  • Teneral – Teneral or newly emergent dragonflies and damselflies
  • Unidentified – Unidentified images of dragonflies and damselflies

Latest Image Additions

The most recent images of dragonflies and damselflies. Hold the mouse pointer over the thumbnail for a short description.

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Zygoptera - Damselflies

Calopterygidae - Broad-winged Damsels

Calopteryx aequabilis – River Jewelwing
Calopteryx amata – Superb Jewelwing
Calopteryx angustipennis – Appalachian Jewelwing
Calopteryx dimidiata – Sparkling Jewelwing
Calopteryx maculata - Ebony Jewelwing
Hetaerina americana – American Rubyspot
Hetaerina titia – Smoky Rubyspot
Hetaerina vulnerata – Canyon Rubyspot

Lestidae - Spreadwings

Archilestes californicus – California Spreadwing
Archilestes grandis – Great Spreadwing
Lestes alacer – Plateau Spreadwing
Lestes australis - Southern Spreadwing
Lestes congener - Spotted Spreadwing
Lestes disjunctus – Northern Spreadwing
Lestes dryas – Emerald Spreadwing
Lestes eurinus – Amber-winged Spreadwing
Lestes forcipatus - Sweetflag Spreadwing
Lestes forficula – Rainpool Spreadwing
Lestes inaequalis - Elegant Spreadwing
Lestes rectangularis - Slender Spreadwing
Lestes sigma – Chalky Spreadwing
Lestes spumarius – Antillean Spreadwing
Lestes stultus – Black Spreadwing
Lestes tenuatus – Blue-striped Spreadwing
Lestes unguiculatus – Lyre-tipped Spreadwing
Lestes vidua – Carolina Spreadwing
Lestes vigilax - Swamp Spreadwing

Platystictidae – Shadowdamsels

Palaemnema domina – Desert Shadowdamsel

Protoneuridae – Threadtails

Neoneura aaroni – Coral-fronted Threadtail
Neoneura amelia – Amelia’s Threadtail
Protoneura cara – Orange-striped Threadtail

Coenagrionidae - Pond Damsels

Acanthagrion quadratum – Mexican Wedgetail
Amphiagrion abbreviatum – Western Red Damsel
Amphiagrion saucium – Eastern Red Damsel
Apanisagrion lais – Black-and-white Damsel
Argia agrioides – California Dancer
Argia alberta – Paiute Dancer
Argia apicalis - Blue-fronted Dancer
Argia barretti – Comanche Dancer
Argia bipunctulata – Seepage Dancer
Argia carlcooki – Yaqui Dancer
Argia cuprea – Coppery Dancer
Argia emma – Emma’s Dancer
Argia extranea – Spine-tipped Dancer
Argia fumipennis - Variable Dancer
Argia harknessi – Harkness’s Dancer
Argia hinei – Lavender Dancer
Argia immunda – Kiowa Dancer
Argia lacrimans – Sierra Madre Dancer
Argia leonorae – Leonora’s Dancer
Argia lugens – Sooty Dancer
Argia moesta - Powdered Dancer
Argia munda – Apache Dancer
Argia nahuana – Aztec Dancer
Argia oenea – Fiery-eyed Dancer
Argia pallens – Amethyst Dancer
Argia pima – Pima Dancer
Argia plana – Springwater Dancer
Argia rhoadsi – Golden-winged Dancer
Argia sabino – Sabino Dancer
Argia sedula – Blue-ringed Dancer
Argia tarascana – Tarascan Dancer
Argia tezpi – Tezpi Dancer
Argia tibialis - Blue-tipped Dancer
Argia tonto – Tonto Dancer
Argia translata - Dusky Dancer
Argia vivida – Vivid Dancer
Chromagrion conditum - Aurora Damsel
Coenagrion angulatum – Prairie Bluet
Coenagrion interrogatum – Subarctic Bluet
Coenagrion resolutum – Taiga Bluet
Enallagma anna – River Bluet
Enallagma annexum – Northern Bluet
Enallagma antennatum – Rainbow Bluet
Enallagma aspersum – Azure Bluet
Enallagma basidens – Double-striped Bluet
Enallagma boreale – Boreal Bluet
Enallagma cardenium – Purple Bluet
Enallagma carunculatum - Tule Bluet
Enallagma civile - Familiar Bluet
Enallagma clausum – Alkali Bluet
Enallagma concisum – Cherry Bluet
Enallagma daeckii – Attenuated Bluet
Enallagma davisi – Sandhill Bluet
Enallagma divagans – Turquoise Bluet
Enallagma doubledayi – Atlantic Bluet
Enallagma dubium – Burgundy Bluet
Enallagma durum – Big Bluet
Enallagma ebrium - Marsh Bluet
Enallagma eiseni – Baja Bluet
Enallagma exsulans - Stream Bluet
Enallagma geminatum - Skimming Bluet
Enallagma hageni – Hagen’s Bluet
Enallagma laterale - New England Bluet
Enallagma minusculum – Little Bluet
Enallagma novaehispaniae – Neotropical Bluet
Enallagma pallidum – Pale Bluet
Enallagma pictum – Scarlet Bluet
Enallagma pollutum – Florida Bluet
Enallagma praevarum – Arroyo Bluet
Enallagma recurvatum – Pine Barrens Bluet
Enallagma semicirculare – Claw-tipped Bluet
Enallagma signatum - Orange Bluet
Enallagma sulcatum – Golden Bluet
Enallagma traviatum - Slender Bluet
Enallagma vernale – Vernal Bluet
Enallagma vesperum – Vesper Bluet
Enallagma weewa – Blackwater Bluet
Hesperagrion heterodoxum – Painted Damsel
Ischnura barberi – Desert Forktail
Ischnura cervula – Pacific Forktail
Ischnura damula – Plains Forktail
Ischnura demorsa – Mexican Forktail
Ischnura denticollis – Black-fronted Forktail
Ischnura erratica – Swift Forktail
Ischnura gemina – San Francisco Forktail
Ischnura hastata – Citrine Forktail
Ischnura kellicotti - Lilypad Forktail
Ischnura perparva – Western Forktail
Ischnura posita - Fragile Forktail
Ischnura prognata – Furtive Forktail
Ischnura ramburii - Rambur's Forktail
Ischnura verticalis - Eastern Forktail
Leptobasis lucifer – Lucifer Swampdamsel
Leptobasis melinogaster – Cream-tipped Swampdamsel
Leptobasis vacillans – Red-tipped Swampdamsel
Nehalennia gracilis - Sphagnum Sprite
Nehalennia integricollis – Southern Sprite
Nehalennia irene - Sedge Sprite
Nehalennia minuta – Tropical Sprite
Nehalennia pallidula – Everglades Sprite
Neoerythromma cultellatum – Caribbean Yellowface
Telebasis byersi – Duckweed Firetail
Telebasis digiticollis – Marsh Firetail
Telebasis salva – Desert Firetail
Zoniagrion exclamationis – Exclamation Damsel

Anisoptera - Dragonflies

Petaluridae - Petaltails

Tachopteryx thoreyi - Gray Petaltail
Tanypteryx hageni – Black Petaltail

Aeshnidae - Darners

Aeshna canadensis – Canada Darner
Aeshna clepsydra – Mottled Darner
Aeshna constricta - Lance-tipped Darner
Aeshna eremita – Lake Darner
Aeshna interrupta – Variable Darner
Aeshna juncea – Sedge Darner
Aeshna palmata – Paddle-tailed Darner
Aeshna persephone – Persephone’s Darner
Aeshna septentrionalis – Azure Darner
Aeshna sitchensis – Zigzag Darner
Aeshna subarctica – Subarctic Darner
Aeshna tuberculifera – Black-tipped Darner
Aeshna umbrosa - Shadow Darner
Aeshna verticalis - Green-striped Darner
Aeshna walkeri – Walker’s Darner
Anax amazili – Amazon Darner
Anax concolor – Blue-spotted Comet Darner
Anax junius - Common Green Darner
Anax longipes - Comet Darner
Anax walsinghami – Giant Darner
Basiaeschna janata - Springtime Darner
Boyeria grafiana – Ocellated Darner
Boyeria vinosa – Fawn Darner
Coryphaeschna adnexa – Blue-faced Darner
Coryphaeschna ingens - Regal Darner
Coryphaeschna viriditas – Mangrove Darner
Epiaeschna heros – Swamp Darner
Gomphaeschna antilope - Taper-tailed Darner
Gomphaeschna furcillata - Harlequin Darner
Gynacantha mexicana – Bar-sided Darner
Gynacantha nervosa – Twilight Darner
Nasiaeschna pentacantha – Cyrano Darner
Oplonaeschna armata – Riffle Darner
Remartinia luteipennis – Malachite Darner
Rhionaeschna californica - California Darner
Rhionaeschna dugesi – Arroyo Darner
Rhionaeschna multicolor – Blue-eyed Darner
Rhionaeschna mutata – Spatterdock Darner
Rhionaeschna psilus – Turquoise-tipped Darner
Triacanthagyna caribbea – Caribbean Darner
Triacanthagyna septima – Pale-green Darner
Triacanthagyna trifida – Phantom Darner

Gomphidae - Clubtails

Aphylla angustifolia – Broad-striped Forceptail
Aphylla protracta – Narrow-striped Forceptail
Aphylla williamsoni – Two-striped Forceptail
Arigomphus cornutus – Horned Clubtail
Arigomphus furcifer - Lilypad Clubtail
Arigomphus lentulus – Stillwater Clubtail
Arigomphus maxwelli – Bayou Clubtail
Arigomphus pallidus - Gray-green Clubtail
Arigomphus submedianus – Jade Clubtail
Arigomphus villosipes - Unicorn Clubtail
Dromogomphus armatus – Southeastern Spinyleg
Dromogomphus spinosus - Black-shouldered Spinyleg
Dromogomphus spoliatus – Flag-tailed Spinyleg
Erpetogomphus compositus – White-belted Ringtail
Erpetogomphus crotalinus – Yellow-legged Ringtail
Erpetogomphus designatus – Eastern Ringtail
Erpetogomphus elaps – Straight-tipped Ringtail
Erpetigomphus eutainia – Blue-faced Ringtail
Erpetogomphus heterodon – Dashed Ringtail
Erpetogomphus lampropeltis – Serpent Ringtail
Gomphus abbreviatus – Spine-crowned Clubtail
Gomphus adelphus – Mustached Clubtail
Gomphus apomyius – Banner Clubtail
Gomphus australis - Clearlake Clubtail
Gomphus borealis – Beaverpond Clubtail
Gomphus cavillaris – Sandhill Clubtail
Gomphus consanguis – Cherokee Clubtail
Gomphus crassus – Handsome Clubtail
Gomphus descriptus – Harpoon Clubtail
Gomphus dilatatus – Blackwater Clubtail
Gomphus diminutus – Diminutive Clubtail
Gomphus exilis - Lancet Clubtail
Gomphus externus – Plains Clubtail
Gomphus fraternus – Midland Clubtail
Gomphus geminatus – Twin-striped Clubtail
Gomphus gonzalezi – Tamaulipan Clubtail
Gomphus graslinellus – Pronghorn Clubtail
Gomphus hodgesi – Hodges’s Clubtail
Gomphus hybridus - Cocoa Clubtail
Gomphus kurilis – Pacific Clubtail
Gomphus lineatifrons – Splendid Clubtail
Gomphus lividus - Ashy Clubtail
Gomphus lynnae – Columbia Clubtail
Gomphus militaris – Sulphur-tipped Clubtail
Gomphus minutus - Cypress Clubtail
Gomphus modestus – Gulf Coast Clubtail
Gomphus oklahomensis – Oklahoma Clubtail
Gomphus ozarkensis – Ozark Clubtail
Gomphus parvidens – Piedmont Clubtail
Gomphus quadricolor – Rapids Clubtail
Gomphus rogersi – Sable Clubtail
Gomphus sandrius – Tennessee Clubtail
Gomphus septima – Septima’s Clubtail
Gomphus spicatus - Dusky Clubtail
Gomphus vastus – Cobra Clubtail
Gomphus ventricosus – Skillet Clubtail
Gomphus viridifrons – Green-faced Clubtail
Gomphus westfalli – Westfall’s Clubtail
Hagenius brevistylus - Dragonhunter
Lanthus parvulus – Northern Pygmy Clubtail
Lanthus vernalis - Southern Pygmy Clubtail
Octogomphus specularis – Grappletail
Ophiogomphus acuminatus – Acuminate Snaketail
Ophiogomphus anomalus – Extra-striped Snaketail
Ophiogomphus arizonicus – Arizona Snaketail
Ophiogomphus aspersus – Brook Snaketail
Ophiogomphus australis – Southern Snaketail
Ophiogomphus bison – Bison Snaketail
Ophiogomphus carolus – Riffle Snaketail
Ophiogomphus colubrinus – Boreal Snaketail
Ophiogomphus edmundo – Edmund’s Snaketail
Ophiogomphus howei – Pygmy Snaketail
Ophiogomphus incurvatus – Appalachian Snaketail
Ophiogomphus mainensis - Maine Snaketail
Ophiogomphus morrisoni – Great Basin Snaketail
Ophiogomphus occidentis – Sinuous Snaketail
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis – Rusty Snaketail
Ophiogomphus severus – Pale Snaketail
Ophiogomphus smithi – Sioux Snaketail
Ophiogomphus susbehcha – St. Croix Snaketail
Ophiogomphus westfalli – Westfall’s Snaketail
Phyllocycla breviphylla – Ringed Forceptail
Phyllogomphoides albrighti – Five-striped Leaftail
Phyllogomphoides stigmatus – Four-striped Leaftail
Progomphus alachuensis – Tawny Sanddragon
Progomphus bellei – Belle’s Sanddragon
Progomphus borealis – Gray Sanddragon
Progomphus obscurus – Common Sanddragon
Stylogomphus albistylus - Eastern Least Clubtail
Stylogomphus sigmastylus – Interior Least Clubtail
Stylurus amnicola – Riverine Clubtail
Stylurus intricatus – Brimstone Clubtail
Stylurus ivae – Shining Clubtail
Stylurus laurae – Laura’s Clubtail
Stylurus notatus – Elusive Clubtail
Stylurus olivaceus – Olive Clubtail
Stylurus plagiatus – Russet-tipped Clubtail
Stylurus potulentus – Yellow-sided Clubtail
Stylurus scudderi – Zebra Clubtail
Stylurus spiniceps – Arrow Clubtail
Stylurus townesi – Townes’s Clubtail

Cordulegastridae - Spiketails

Cordulegaster bilineata – Brown Spiketail
Cordulegaster diadema – Apache Spiketail
Cordulegaster diastatops - Delta-spotted Spiketail
Cordulegaster dorsalis – Pacific Spiketail
Cordulegaster erronea – Tiger Spiketail
Cordulegaster maculata - Twin-spotted Spiketail
Cordulegaster obliqua - Arrowhead Spiketail
Cordulegaster sarracenia – Sarracenia Spiketail
Cordulegaster sayi – Say’s Spiketail
Cordulegaster talaria – Ouachita Spiketail

Macromiidae - Cruisers

Didymops floridensis – Florida Cruiser
Didymops transversa - Stream Cruiser
Macromia alleghaniensis – Allegheny River Cruiser
Macromia annulata – Bronzed River Cruiser
Macromia illinoiensis - Swift River Cruiser
Macromia magnifica – Western River Cruiser
Macromia margarita – Mountain River Cruiser
Macromia pacifica – Gilded River Cruiser
Macromia taeniolata – Royal River Cruiser

Corduliidae - Emeralds

Cordulia shurtleffii – American Emerald
Dorocordulia lepida - Petite Emerald
Dorocordulia libera - Racket-tailed Emerald
Epitheca canis - Beaverpond Baskettail
Epitheca costalis – Slender Baskettail
Epitheca cynosura - Common Baskettail
Epitheca petechialis – Dot-winged Baskettail
Epitheca princeps – Prince Baskettail
Epitheca semiaquea – Mantled Baskettail
Epitheca sepia – Sepia Baskettail
Epitheca spinigera – Spiny Baskettail
Epitheca spinosa – Robust Baskettail
Epitheca stella – Florida Baskettail
Helocordulia selysii – Selys’s Sundragon
Helocordulia uhleri - Uhler's Sundragon
Neurocordulia alabamensis – Alabama Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia michaeli – Broad-tailed Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia molesta – Smoky Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia obsoleta – Umber Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia virginiensis – Cinnamon Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia xanthosoma – Orange Shadowdragon
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis – Stygian Shadowdragon
Somatochlora albicincta – Ringed Emerald
Somatochlora brevicincta – Quebec Emerald
Somatochlora calverti – Calvert’s Emerald
Somatochlora cingulata – Lake Emerald
Somatochlora elongata – Ski-tipped Emerald
Somatochlora ensigera – Plains Emerald
Somatochlora filosa – Fine-lined Emerald
Somatochlora forcipata – Forcipate Emerald
Somatochlora franklini – Delicate Emerald
Somatocchlora georgiana – Coppery Emerald
Somatochlora hineana – Hine’s Emerald
Somatochlora hudsonica – Hudsonian Emerald
Somatochlora incurvata – Incurvate Emerald
Somatochlora kennedyi – Kennedy’s Emerald
Somatochlora linearis – Mocha Emerald
Somatochlora margarita – Texas Emerald
Somatochlora minor – Ocellated Emerald
Somatochlora ozarkensis – Ozark Emerald
Somatochlora provocans – Treetop Emerald
Somatochlora sahlbergi – Treeline Emerald
Somatochlora semicircularis – Mountain Emerald
Somatochlora septentrionalis – Muskeg Emerald
Somatochlora tenebrosa – Clamp-tipped Emerald
Somatochlora walshii – Brush-tipped Emerald
Somatochlora whitehousei – Whitehouse’s Emerald
Somatochlora williamsoni – Williamson’s Emerald
Williamsonia fletcheri – Ebony Boghaunter
Williamsonia lintneri – Ringed Boghaunter

Libellulidae - Skimmers

Brachymesia furcata – Red-tailed Pennant
Brachymesia gravida - Four-spotted Pennant
Brachymesia herbida – Tawny Pennant
Brechmorhoga mendax – Pale-faced Clubskimmer
Brechmorhoga pertinax – Masked Clubskimmer
Brechmorhoga praecox – Slender Clubskimmer
Cannaphila insularis – Gray-waisted Skimmer
Celithemis amanda – Amanda’s Pennant
Celithemis bertha - Red-veined Pennant
Celithemis elisa - Calico Pennant
Celithemis eponina - Halloween Pennant
Celithemis fasciata - Banded Pennant
Celithemis martha – Martha’s Pennant
Celithemis ornata - Ornate Pennant, Faded Pennant
Celithemis verna – Double-ringed Pennant
Crocothemis servilia - Scarlet Skimmer
Dythemis fugax – Checkered Setwing
Dythemis maya – Mayan Setwing
Dythemis nigrescens – Black Setwing
Dythemis velox – Swift Setwing
Erythemis attala – Black Pondhawk
Erythemis collocata – Western Pondhawk
Erythemis mithroides – Claret Pondhawk
Erythemis peruviana – Flame-tailed Pondhawk
Erythemis plebeja – Pin-tailed Pondhawk
Erythemis simplicicollis - Eastern Pondhawk
Erythemis vesiculosa – Great Pondhawk
Erythrodiplax basifusca – Plateau Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax berenice - Seaside Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax funerea – Black-winged Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax fusca – Red-faced Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax minuscula - Little Blue Dragonlet
Erythrodiplax umbrata - Band-winged Dragonlet
Idiataphe cubensis – Metallic Pennant
Ladona deplanata - Blue Corporal
Ladona exusta - White Corporal
Ladona julia - Chalk-fronted Corporal
Leucorrhinia borealis – Boreal Whiteface
Leucorrhinia frigida - Frosted Whiteface
Leucorrhinia glacialis – Crimson-ringed Whiteface
Leucorrhinia hudsonica - Hudsonian Whiteface
Leucorrhinia intacta - Dot-tailed Whiteface
Leucorrhinia patricia – Canada Whiteface
Leucorrhinia proxima – Belted Whiteface
Libellula auripennis - Golden-winged Skimmer
Libellula axilena - Bar-winged Skimmer
Libellula comanche – Comanche Skimmer
Libellula composita – Bleached Skimmer
Libellula croceipennis – Neon Skimmer
Libellula cyanea - Spangled Skimmer
Libellula flavida – Yellow-sided Skimmer
Libellula forensis – Eight-spotted Skimmer
Libellula gaigei – Red-mantled Skimmer
Libellula incesta - Slaty Skimmer
Libellula jesseana – Purple Skimmer
Libellula luctuosa - Widow Skimmer
Libellula needhami - Needham's Skimmer
Libellula nodisticta – Hoary Skimmer
Libellula pulchella - Twelve-spotted Skimmer
Libellula quadrimaculata - Four-spotted Skimmer
Libellula saturata – Flame Skimmer
Libellula semifasciata - Painted Skimmer
Libellula vibrans - Great Blue Skimmer
Macrodiplax balteata - Marl Pennant
Macrothemis imitans – Ivory-striped Sylph
Macrothemis inacuta – Straw-colored Sylph
Macrothemis inequiunguis – Jade-striped Sylph
Macrothemis pseudimitans – White-tailed Sylph
Miathyria marcella – Hyacinth Glider
Micrathyria aequalis – Spot-tailed Dasher
Micrathyria didyma – Three-striped Dasher
Micrathyria dissocians – Caribbean Dasher
Micrathyria hagenii – Thornbush Dasher
Nannothemis bella – Elfin Skimmer
Orthemis discolor – Carmine Skimmer
Orthemis ferruginea - Roseate Skimmer
Orthemis sp. – Antillean Skimmer
Pachydiplax longipennis - Blue Dasher
Paltothemis lineatipes – Red Rock Skimmer
Pantala flavescens – Wandering Glider
Pantala hymenaea – Spot-winged Glider
Perithemis domitia – Slough Amberwing
Perithemis intensa – Mexican Amberwing
Perithemis tenera - Eastern Amberwing
Planiplax sanguiniventris – Mexican Scarlet-tail
Plathemis lydia - Common Whitetail
Plathemis subornata – Desert Whitetail
Pseudoleon superbus – Filigree Skimmer
Sympetrum ambiguum – Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum corruptum - Variegated Meadowhawk
Sympetrum costiferum – Saffron-winged Meadowhawk
Sympetrum danae – Black Meadowhawk
Sympetrum illotum – Cardinal Meadowhawk
Sympetrum internum - Cherry-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum madidum – Red-veined Meadowhawk
Sympetrum obtrusum – White-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum pallipes – Striped Meadowhawk
Sympetrum rubicundulum – Ruby Meadowhawk
Sympetrum semicinctum - Band-winged Meadowhawk
Sympetrum signiferum – Spot-winged Meadowhawk
Sympetrum vicinum - Autumn Meadowhawk
Tauriphila argo – Arch-tipped Glider
Tauriphila australis – Garnet Glider
Tauriphila azteca – Aztec Glider
Tholymis citrina – Evening Skimmer
Tramea abdominalis – Vermilion Saddlebags
Tramea binotata – Sooty Saddlebags
Tramea calverti – Striped Saddlebags
Tramea carolina - Carolina Saddlebags
Tramea insularis – Antillean Saddlebags
Tramea lacerata - Black Saddlebags
Tramea onusta – Red Saddlebags